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Track2: Routing and Switching

Workshop Goals

The week long Routing and Switching workshop is focused towards IT engineers interested in sharpening their operational skills in Computer Networks Engineering. The topics covered range from Fundamentals of Static Routing; Fundamentals of Dynamic Routing using Interior Gateway Protocols like IS-IS or OSPF; Exterior Gateway Protocols Routing and Forwarding using the BGP version 4 Protocol ; and Internet Exchange Points between networks;

Workshop Requirements

  • A personal laptop (NOT tablet) with wireless capability.
  • Experience using TCP/IP-based networking technologies.
  • Knowledge of UNIX and/or Linux

Workshop Items

Workshop Instructors

  • Noah Maina (SEACOM) [NM]
  • Frank Habicht (SIMBANET) [FH]
  • Scholastica Musokwa (SIMBANET) [SLM]
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