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 ===== Workshop Goals ===== ===== Workshop Goals =====
-This five-day ​workshop ​is a mix of lectures and hands-on lab work to teach engineers and system staffs at ISPs and large networks including academic networks who are involved with system management, network ​monitoring, network ​management and problem response. The course ​is for those who need to manage diverse ​Network and NOC operations.+This workshop ​will focus on security from the network perspective (ingress, egress filters, BCP 38, network ​intrusion detection, network ​traffic) as well as from the server side (proper admin procedures, firewalls, secure services, etc.). The workshop ​is aimed at Network and System administrators who are interested in learning best practices for maintaining a secure and stable operating environment. Please review the Agenda to see the topics to be covered. Labs constitute about 60% of the course
 ===== Workshop Requirements ===== ===== Workshop Requirements =====
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